Donation and fee policy for private sessions with John

Background: I offer private sessions, which is a way I make my living.  I am also a Zen teacher, and traditionally spiritual teaching is not paid for, but rather offered freely, with a simple request for donations, known as dana, (or generosity). Some of my sessions are explicitly Dharma-related, and that work is offered strictly on a donation basis.

Most of my private sessions, however, are not explicitly Dharma-focused, but center on your desire for healing and guidance in a non-religious and non-sectarian context.  My approach tries to balance the “dharmic” approach of asking for donations, with the need to make a living. 

What I ask for: 

I offer my work on a sliding scale basis.  My basic rate is $108 (for a regular 60–75 min session), and my sliding scale ranges widely, from $35 to $300, depending on your financial situation, and the length of session.  (Sessions can range from 30 min to 2 hours.)  I ask for a meaningful offering, which you can afford. If needed, we talk it over and come up with a fee and approach that works for you. I also offer package deals which provide a discount (inquire for more information). I have many ways of making this affordable, and always seek a win-win approach. Do not let cost get in the way of your receiving the support you need.

For long-term counseling, individual training programs, and personalized intensives, we work out an arrangement that feels good to both of us.  I do accept barter occasionally.  Please inquire if you have any questions.

Note: I offer free 30 min introductory phone sessions..

peace,  John Genyo Sprague