I offer personalized Dharma study. I teach in Western Massachusetts, as well as by phone or video conferencing anywhere. I have also begun offering programs in California, and am available to travel. My approach is tailored to your needs, interests, and background, and can include the following:

* Traditional Zen study, including Zazen, koan practice, and one-to-one dialogue.

* Non-sectarian Dharma study: Individually tailored programs, including meditation practice, reading of texts, focused dialogue and inquiry, body-practice. I am able to work with individuals from a wide-range of backgrounds and traditions. I meet you where you are, and as you are, and support you in your spiritual journey and practices of awakening.

* Spiritual coaching, mentoring, and problem-solving in your existing practice.

* If you are seeking a sangha (a community of practitioners), and live in western New England, consider the Green River Zen Center, founded by my teacher Roshi Eve Marko, where I also taught for several years, and still give talks occasionally. (More info at Please also inquire about group work with me.

Dharma study is offered on a donation (dana) basis. Counseling, coaching, and healing sessions are offered on a sliding scale basis. Click here for information on my donation and payment polices.

More info on my Dharma teachers and training here.