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My mission and purpose are to express creative inspiration and healing wisdom to uplift, liberate, empower, and bring peace to all beings.


I would teach peace rather than war. I would inculcate love rather than hate. — Einstein

Hatred never ends by hating. Hatred ends only through love. This is an eternal law. — Buddha

Let the one without sin cast the first stone - - - Blessed are the peacemakers. — Jesus

Ask Genyo

Q: Genyo, what is the nature of delusion?   

A:   Such a huge question you have asked. I’m not sure I am qualified to answer it, being a wanderer in the realms of delusion myself. But let me try, by beginning with a straightforward approach, based on a dictionary definition — that delusion is believing in concepts and stories (produced by the mind) that are false, which are not in alignment with the actual reality one lives in. Delusion brings us suffering, because we are endeavoring to live according to views of life which are fundamentally untrue. I remember when I was a young child, maybe seven years old, and a mischievous older friend told me quite convincingly that when you leap off a diving board, if you flap your arms vigorously, you could not only slow your descent, but could actually rise up rather than fall into the water.  I excitedly told my dad about this, and . . . (more)

New and Upcoming:

* So I have launched my new column— Ask Genyo — where I answer questions about creativity, meditation, spiritual awakening, philosophy, life issues and so forth. Genyo is my dharma (spiritual) name, which means “song of the mystery.” I welcome your questions and respond to them as Genyo. Ask away! Email me at at sunyajohn@gmail.com.

* Transformational sessions:  I offer counseling and coaching, supporting your creative process, and your journey of healing and spiritual growth.  I am skilled at facilitating transformational experiences of your own awakened nature. If you are interested and would like to know more, I offer free 20 min introductory phone consultation. And for those who want to taste my workI also offer initial in-person sessions for just $25! Please be in touch to book a time or ask any questions you may have. I look forward to serving you in the transformational journey.

* Upcoming: My next performance of “The Global Heart Medicine Show” will be in Shutesbury, MA on Oct. 20. Keep a watch on my calendar and events page for updated information.

* The Great Matters: I am currently developing a series called "The Great Matters", which are philosophical investigations of the central questions and concerns of existence, and of our time.  Topics include: the Nature of Reality, the Nature of Consciousness, Resolving the Science vs. God Delusion, the Future of the World, the Peacemaker Mission, and more.  The Great Matters will be explored in public talks and performances, videos, and written essays. More information coming soon.

Check out two essays on Medium: https://medium.com/house-of-one-people. More to come.